On the 24 th of September we had a blast at Comedy Fest PK part 2

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Message from our Chairperson

Ms. Shagufta Butt:

comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-006 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-011 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-249 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-007

“First of all we would like to thank M.s Amna Pataudi, Director of P.N.C.A Shakir Ali Museum. She is the one to break the ice, giving a chance to have the first ever exhibition of Cartoons.”

Comedy Fest PK Part 2 Performers:

Muhammad Umar Darr (Host):

comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-028 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-088 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-020 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-018

Currently finishing a Master Degree in Psychology from G.C.Universtiy Lahore. He has been avidly performing for more than a decade with shows like Khabarnaak with Naeem Bukhari to name a few. He is also a director of Team Khayali Productions a digital production team specializing in shoots and video and Photography.

Mudassar Butt (Cartoonist) Dir Mudtoonz and Gen. Secretary of Comic Con PK Foundation:

comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-044 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-032 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-005 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-042

Though he is well known in the artist’s community as a Cartoonist/artist with numerous publications in Magazines and newspaper Dailies. He yearly Plans/organizes the Comic Con PK event

“an event for artists by artists”

He is also a teacher at Scarsdale School in DHA Defence. Currently he is working on new comic books and plans to launch a cartoon animated Film/Show that is a representation of Pakistani Culture. Seen here dress in Traditional Punjabi attire “Dhooti and Kurta

Hassan Raza (Drama Teacher):

comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-116 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-148 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-127 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-025

A very old time veteran from Lahore City performed in numerous international conferences abroad and is coming back to comedy after a 2 year hiatus. But as sharp as a knife. He is perfecting the art of an insult comic. Which on its own is one of the difficult things to do

“Anyone can be funny but to find a balance is pretty hard to find that keeps you funny while being passive aggressive. And it is more hard when people can’t get SARCASM in Pakistan”

Muhammad Hussain (THE CUTE comic):

comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-017 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-015 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-014 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-013

He hails from Gilgit Baltistan a remote region of Pakistan. His jokes are clean and nice

“You can be funny without being rude and offensive”

Seen here dressed in traditional “Gilgitia Cap with Peacock Feather and Waist Coat on top of Shalwar Qameez”.

Hazik Ali (ADD MAN)

comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-218 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-182 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-164 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-180

When I heard about him the Title song for MAD MEN kept Running in my head along with a show from the 80’s on P.T.V Mr. POPULAR. Working at an add firm as a Marketing expert. Who knew Marketing execs can be funny when you hear about marketing you hear about kids who don’t know about art but are commenting and criticizing about real artists’ and their work. Amazingly we found Hazik is not like that.

Marketing people are an artist’s worst nightmare. But being an artist myself, I understand how hard it is to Make art happen. So I am pretty much one of the nice marketing guys out there”

When asked about his process he has this to say:

Comedy is like water it comes to me in waves” pretty much BRUCE LEE’ish to say it like that must have read the “TAO OF JEET KUN DO” or the “Art of Fighting without fighting”

A very extempore comic he can come up with comical situations in minutes and little bit of an improve actor as well.

Zain Sarwar (Young Chris Rock): (on his Request Snaps are not posted)

A freshman from LUMS University. A very deep 60 year old wise man soul Trapped in the body of a 17 year old. He has a very keen observation on things around him and what people do. A student of people’s behavior. Has an excellent New Yorker Accent. Very young and Very talented

“To judge a woman purity lies in her Feet like they say that Jannat (Heaven) is on under your mother’s feet”

“Whatever she wears if you don’t like it AVERT your Gaze what give you the right to order her around and talk smack. If you stop noticing her she won’t dress that way”

Like I said very Deep boy more spiritual. Hope he gains great success in the future.

Kamran Lashari (Guset of Honor):

comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-047 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-063 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-050 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-080

Mr. Kamran felt so charged he also shared his comic stories and experiences. He literally stole the show.

Dr. Ajaz Anwar (Watercolor artist/social activist)

comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-236 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-237

Other honorable mentions was Dr. Ajaz Anwar as usual entertaining. He came on last and also took us to great height of “COMEDY GOLD”

Other honorable mentions were Jawed Iqbal (Cartoonist) and Tariq Mnim Abbasi (from the P.T.V Adult Literacy Show: Taleem – e – Balighaan).

Awards ere then Distributed among st the Participants after the Show

comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-002 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-100 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-099 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-098 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-093 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-095 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-096 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-097 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-092 comedy-fest-pk-pt-02-091

See you all at the next Comedy Fest PK event which will be in Comic Con PK in November 2016.