To promote and develop content for kids and youngsters and the promotion of such content by content creators i.e. Comic Books, Cartoons Shows, Games, Children’s illustration books, Kids music shows/events oriented for kids and families, periodicals calendars and other printed materials.

  1. To provide a platform for upcoming comic artists, comic book writers illustrators, publishers, musicians and the like and to encourage youngsters to join in.
  2. Promotion of a softer image of Pakistan in the eyes of local and international media through the use of promotional materials in mediums such as comic book publications posters, banners, cartoon shorts, social media, web media and the utilization of main stream media.
  3. Educating the youth, students and masses about art of comic book writing, composing, animation, creative script writing, acting, story writing, story boarding and scene development etc.
  4. Promoting a message of Nationalism and the promotion of Pakistani folk Cultural stories their importance and of their preservation.
  5. Showcasing the work of artist from all corners of Pakistan to interact, network, collaborate with each other as this industry is in infancy in Pakistan. Which will help facilitate its growth and strengthen it.

To get recognition and support from the public at large for all participants and their