Comic Con PK is absolutely a new idea in Pakistan, we at Mudtoonz Comics & Cartoons are doing a ground breaking task which is hard. After deep thought and looking in detail the happenings and going ons of the world. We are now of the view that Pakistani youth must have a fair share respectively entering the world of the comic books concept art, animation  and other related fields. After putting in a lot of thought and effort we have started it from Lahore, Pakistan. A city known for as the hub of cultural activities. We want to work for our talented Pakistani youth and people young at heart.


We started a company Mudtoonz Comics & Cartoons. The souls behind it were Mudassar Butt, Shagufta Butt. We started group shows and solo exhibitions with the help and support of (Ret) Major ejaz Mustafa Zaidi director of the Defence Public Library. Most of the events conducted were emphasizing literature and education and individualistic empowerment. After 2 successful years of exhibitions of cartoons and comic art. The idea was pitched by Mudassar Butt to have the first of its kind event in the Library coined as Comic Con PK 2014. Its main purpose and which still is to create a softer image of Pakistan and its youth and addressing it to the local and global media as such.

After quite a lot of research, hard work and passion we were able to organize Comic Con PK 2014. During our planning stage a number of cartoonists, animators, film makers, writers, game developers, musicians joined in, show was opened on 27-28 th December 2014. It turned out to be a commercial success and became an excellent opportunity to interact with fellow cartoonist, experts and novices. Almost about 2000+ people visited the 2 day convention. Many new ideas and concepts were discussed. One of them being copyright law in Pakistan and the formation of a Pakistani Cartoon Channel hence Pakistan Cartoon Channel Initiative was founded on that day. http://www.facebook.com/PCCI2015 .

The event was exclusively covered by Samaa TV, The Tribune and The Daily News. All the whos of who in this small and budding industry participated whole heartedly. Now we are ready for yet another Comic Con PK 2015 our Priorities are.

It is dedicated to the talented youth with diverse skills. All the arts and folk wisdom should go hand in hand expressing oneself and going up the ladder polishing our skills along our way to success. Future is ours In Sha Allah.


We believe in the 5 E’s

EDUCATION for everyone, age should be not a limiting factor for your to learn new things. It should be laced with moral values on all related aspects. And as mentioned in the Quran free of biases of race, creed, religion and gender.

EMPLOYMENT oriented education is key technical and craft based etc. Along with that one should give back positively to the nation.

ENERGY Alternate green, solar, hydro, wind HHO energies and etc are the key that can be implement to alleviate the power crunch being faced by Pakistan.

ENTERTAINMENT Comic Books, Cartoons, Educational Programmes, Skits, Game Development, Concept art and Animations etc.